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All kids should report to the Gym 30 minutes prior to their game and 3 Point Competition. Teams for All-star game will be divided up equally by the Coaches prior to the game.

  • All-star Coaches please bring warm-up balls for your teams!!!

  • All contestants should wear their normal REVERSABLE uniforms.

  • Each 3-point team for the competition will have one (1) minute to hit as many three's and the TOP TWO teams with the most points will advance to the Championship Head-to-Head round. We will do our best to get on schedule for these games.

  • For the All-star games, teams must play man-to-man defense and we will play eight (8) minute periods with a running clock with clock stoppage for the last minute only in the 2nd and 4th periods.

Below are links to the All-star/3-Point Competition Forms:

7th Grade Blue Division

7th Grade Red Division

6th Grade Blue Division

6th Grade Red Division

5th Grade Division

4th Grade Blue Division

4th Grade Red Division

3rd Grade Division

Coaches:  Email Nominees to no later than Thursday, February 8, 2024.


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